Any order must be sent in writing to HBS and fitted with the following: full name, address and fiscal data of the Customer, the delivery of material and documents address if different from the invoice address, order number, note of any special offer or agreement which must be still valid at time of ordering, despatch date, exact quantities and delivery date, the courier and the payment terms. The order must show the HBS codes, it is not sufficient to only use the sole Customer code or reference.

HBS reserves the right to decline the order or to request for integration if it is considered incomplete; in case there is not positive feedback within 7 days form the written order confirmation the Customer has to consider the order not confirmed.

Any verbal agreements with HBS personnel or resellers must be always followed by a written confirmation by HBS.



HBS guarantees the original products are free from defects in workmanship or material for a period of 12 months from the installation date on the machine documented by time incontrovertible and unalterable elements. The warranty is valid since when the valves have been installed, and operated in accordance to the HBS use and technical details. They must be assembled on the machine within 6 months from the date stamped on the valve, in lack of proof documentation about the reaI installation date, warranty will start from this last term, also if preceding the installation. External seals are not covered by the warranty. The warranty is referred only to the original purchaser and lapses in case of manumission, any modify without written permission, improper use or fluid pollution. The warranty request has to be notified directly to HBS, in a completed written report with the fault indicated. The valves can be returned to HBS only after written acceptance by HBS. HBS will only replace or repair the valves after the explicit authorization from our technicians at the HBS premises, or if agreed by HBS at the Customer’s site too. HBS do not provide a refund or credit against any costs of disassembling, repairing, replacing or loss of profit for the machine out of work. Recall Campaign: HBS shall only agree to recall products where there is evidence of re-occurring faults.

HBS will not be liable in cases where the valves are used on machines where they are capable of producing damages much greater than the production costs to third persons. Also it is always the responsibility of the Customer to take all necessary safety measure during the design of the machines or hydraulic circuits to ensure avoidance of such damages or injuries. Warranty includes only elements bought and sold by HBS; HBS is not liable for indirect damages.



HBS reserves the right to stop the production or to modify the dimension or technical feature of its production shown in this catalogue without any prior warning or obligation. Customising of HBS products, will only be modified after the agreement with the Customer. ln case of disagreement between parties the production can be stopped at any time. ln case of any disputes the sole jurisdiction far any settlement is referred to the Law Court of Mantova.



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