Power Slip ring SR220

The sliding contacts of SR220 Series slip rings are designed to
carry electrical signals AC and DC by a rotating platform to a stationary structure and vice versa, or with the same contacts with a galvanic gold plating surface treatment they are also suitable for the transport of analog or digital signals.
The main characteristics of the six Series Slip Ring power that the sliding contacts are realized according to a technology n the form of monofilament with different types of surface treatments which give the best mechanical and electrical performance compared to the traditional metal graphite.

1) Of the mono filament point of contact with the rotating ring surface
2) Contact surface that does not require lubrication, and low contact dynamic resistance (noise).
3) Long service life and low contact force.;
4) High compaction of the rotor and stator;
5) High permissible current density and wide dynamic range of low electrical resistivity current job;
6) Very low generation of debris. Wide operating temperature range, good environmental conditions (no oxidation) high scroll speed.
The structure is entirely in aluminum Marino Anticorodal.
The product for its ease in construction can is assembled to ‘internal modulated with different sizes of rings and sliding contacts, in such a way as to optimize space and installation time.


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